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Welcome to EROMES! A place of inspiration, celebration, individuality, love, and potential.

EROS + HERMES = EROMES [ the good kind of math]

Eros was the Greek deity of love and passionate desire. He strikes his target's hearts and evokes the sensation of uncontrollable desire and love in them. Often shown with a bow and arrow, he is sorta the original cupid. We imagined Eros having a baby with Hermes, the mischievous and clever Greek deity of thieves, wealth, and trade. Now baby EROMÈS goes around stealing hearts all over the world!

We know that you demonstrate pride in your community and personal identity through your fashion. Going against the mainstream, rebelling the tide through your outfits is simply enthralling. Keeping up with the exhilaration, we run a fast-paced, forward-moving, fashion-centered ship and our diversified products are meant to help you find your true image in clothing. EROMÈS  is your go-to store for the latest styles in clothing and attire. We want you to feel the best version of yourself in your outfits.

But doesn’t that sound like every other urban shopping store? Well, we are different. Our outfits blend the grace of high-end clothing with the rebellion of urban wear in a seamless marriage. We never want you to surrender yourself and conform to society’s notion of what’s “acceptable”. We want you to show society the version of you that you actually are. EROMÈS  outfits assist everyone from tiny toddlers to tantrum-teens to barely-adulting adults to hip seniors on their fashion journey.

All of our items are manufactured of high-quality materials and follow the newest fashion trends both online and on the streets. Before delivering any merchandise, we thoroughly test it. We are always improving our website and products, and we always appreciate feedback from our loyal customers. Our customer service department is here to assist you with any returns or exchanges of things that do not match your expectations. We listen because your opinion matters.

EROMÈS  was born out of grit and passion to achieve more than anyone would have thought of us to have done. We want to pass down this proof of dedication to young kid entrepreneurs. Let your passion run wild and tap into your potentials. You can make it to the stars (the ones in the sky and the ones in Hollywood) if you keep moving forward   through the blood, sweat, and tears.

Look invincible, feel invincible, shop Eromes.

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